Charles de Koninck


Charles De Koninck (July 29, 1906 - February 13, 1965) was a philosopher, theologian, and professor in Canada.

Born in Belgium, he earned a Ph.D. at Louvain and an S.T.D. at Laval University in Quebec, where he served as a professor of natural philosophy from 1934 until his death.

Born in Torhout in Belgium, he studied at the college of Ostend and pursued his formation in philosophy and theology with the dominicans at the University of Louvain, earning a Ph.D. there. He went on to earn an S.T.D. at Laval University in Quebec, married in 1933 and the following year took up the position of professor of natural philosophy at the University of Laval, where he remained until his death.

He taught epistemology (the philosophy of knowing) and natural philosophy, and was named head of the faculty in 1939. He was the director of the department of the faculty until 1956, then again in the year 1964-65. He has published more than 160 academic works.

Charles de Koninck was a member of the Canadian association of philosophy, of the Order of Saint Gregory the Great, of the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, and of the Royal Society of Canada. His children are Thomas de Koninck and Jean-Marie de Koninck, researchers in philosophy and mathematics, and Rodolphe de Koninck, a geographer.

Published works