Selected Writings of St. Francis de Sales

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The Dynamics of Love by Susanne A. Kjekshus Koch

A revised version of a paper submitted to the special seminar on the Heart of Christ from Francis de Sales to Margaret Mary Alacoque in Annecy, France September 17th to 23rd 1996.


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The Spirituality of Saint Francis de Sales by Mgr Francis Vincent

...Before this no form of spirituality was so solidly based on the concept of love as was his.... A method of growing and persevering in love (a method which we will define in a moment)--this is the essence of Salesian spirituality.... This does not mean that the soul renounces the deliberate pursuit of special virtues, nor that it postpones this pursuit.
St. Francis de Sales wrote:
"Often consider that the true value of all that we do comes from our conformity with God's will. If I eat and drink because it is God's will for me to eat and drink I am more pleasing to Him than if I were to suffer death without this intention."