The Catholic Controversy

by Saint Francis de Sales (1567-1622), Bishop and Doctor of the Church

(originally published by Burns and Oates, London 1886)
Translated by Rev. Henry Benedict Mackey, O.S.B.

After being repeatedly rebuffed in his attempts to re-evangelize Calvinist Protestants who would not listen to Catholic preaching for fear of reprisals, St. Francis turned to writing leaflets and inserting them into copies of his sermons, which he then posted on walls, slipped under doors and handing to whomever he could. Four years later, almost 72,000 had returned to the ancient Catholic Faith! These tracts have been compiled into a book and given the title The Catholic Controversy. The works are still as fresh and powerful today as they were then, and give some of the most compelling arguments against Protestantism that have ever been written, presenting a defense of the Catholic Faith that in some respects has never been equalled.

What reviewers say about this book:
"If you ever had any doubts about the truth of the Roman Catholic Faith, read this book. Saint Francis will set you straight!"
"St. Francis de Sales uses scripture like no other. His arguments are as persuasive today as they were then. For those looking to understand the biblical basis for Catholic teachings (i.e., purgatory, papal infallibility) this book is a must."
"this is a fantastic read, overflowing with strong arguments for classic Catholic doctrine."

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Table of contents

1. The Mission of the Church.

2.1. The Protestant Violation of Scripture.

2.2 Tradition

2.3 The Authority of the Church

2.4-5 The Authority of the Councils and the Fathers

2.6 The Authority of the Pope.

2.7 Miracles

2.8 Faith and Reason.

3.1 Sacraments

3.2. The Doctrine of Purgatory.