St. Therese of Lisieux

English Translations of her Writings

“What great grace is ours when, in the morning, we seem to be filled with lassitude and to lack both courage and strength to practice virtue! Then is the ideal moment to put the axe to the root of the tree, though our effort may lag for a few moments and we may neglect to gather our treasures. This is the critical moment, for we may be tempted to give up everything. However, we can repair everything and even gain in grace through an act of love, though it be unaccompanied by any sensible feeling. Jesus smiles. He helps us without appearing to do so and the tears He sheds over the wicked are wiped away by our poor, feeble efforts, by our small gift of love. Love can accomplish all things. Things that are ‘most impossible’ become very easy where love is at work.”

Writings of St. Therese